Large spiral bevel gears for marine propulsion systems.


Spiral bevel gears from ZakPro.

Zakpro or Zak Propulsion is targeted on innovation in marine propulsion systems. More specifically Zakpro assists in design and manufacturing of spiral bevel gears for angle drives that are used in azimuth thrusters, vector thrusters, positioning systems, z-drives, and other marine propulsion systems. Unlike automotive and aerospace gears, marine gears are experiencing different load spectrum. While an automotive gear is under idling load most of the time, marine gear is loaded almost permanently at the maximum load. Marine gears are more difficult to replace because of the submerged location. Zakgear has a unique experience in counter rotating propulsion systems with different diameters and different r.p.m of the counter rotating propellers that can be only achieved with special spiral bevel gear design from ZAKGEAR.

Improving marine propulsion with better spiral bevel gears.

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